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Join; Inspired Hearts Meetup – Meditation and more!

Group meditation is very powerful.

The intention of this group is for re-connecting to our core, our inner brilliance, so we may go back out to the world shining our light.

This group will get together in classes, workshops & guided meditations. As a channel, I will translate the energy in the groups from time to time for inspirational messages.

As we gather to bath in each other’s light and our own, we are creating a world of peace, love and compassion.

The Bright Path

The Bright Path offers an ancient, effortless Teaching of Truth called The Ishayas’ Ascension. Ascension is a series of simple, mechanical techniques, called Ascension Attitudes, which have the potential to free the mind of all limitation.

The Ascension Attitudes are based in Praise, Gratitude and Love. When practiced regularly, they can re-write a lifetime’s habit of judgment and negativity, and change one’s relationship with the mind. Best of all, no belief is required!

Joyful Expression

I am a life long artist, inspired by the perfection of nature, and all of life itself. It brings me so much joy to express myself and my passion through art, and I want to share this joy with my audience. My art is intended to inspire the viewer to notice, respect, and appreciate the beauty that is all around us, as well as within us.
“And the time will come when you see we’re all one
And life flows on within you and without you”
-The Beatles

Gillian Elizabeth – Health & Wellness Coach

Building Your Health & Wellness Program Together

Balancing a busy life and trying to fit in time for your own personal health and wellness can be challenging.  That’s why a flexible, nurturing, and supportive program that fits into your daily routine is exactly what you need to help you create the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

With our unique intuitive approach, we work together to build a nutrition, fitness, and preventive health program for incorporating healthy choices into your daily life and build a better relationship with food.

Leah Fay – Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Kundalini Yoga is a complete technology for optimizing the human experience. It revitalizes your mind and body, allowing you to understand your own unlimited potential and experience who you really are . Kundalini Yoga balances your emotions and your glandular system so that the stresses of life are not overwhelming, and it builds your immune system so you can ward off illness and dis-ease both physical and mental.

Hooked on Holistics

A store that caters to mind, body & soul